Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recommened Craftsmen and Artists

In our line of work, we are asked on a frequent basis, if we happen to know someone who does this or that type of craft work.  The answer is almost always, "Yes!  And they're great artists, and even better people!"

When we think of all of the talented friends we have in our circle - it's pretty incredible.  So here is a list, for all to see, of craftsmen whose work we tremendously admire, and whom we also respect as upright and conscientious business people.  Here are our recommended craftsmen:

Wrought Iron
Blacksmith, Mike DuBois  

Stone Masonry
Superior Surfaces Concrete 
Stone mason - Harold "Bubba" McLeod

Ceramic artist, Kaitlin Hill

Stained glass and mirror artist, Bob Hines

Mosaic and Mural
Artist, Olessia Maximenko